Wylan Energy runs incentive programs in select jurisdictions to encourage the adoption of energy efficient products




Why Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is the single most cost-effective electricity technology.  Put simply, the most efficient energy is the energy you never have to generate in the first place. For example, LED lighting has decreased in price faster than any other renewable energy technology (DOE, “Revolution...Now”, 2015)

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Graphic from DOE, “Revolution...Now”, 2015, page 1.

Graphic from DOE, “Revolution...Now”, 2015, page 1.


How it Works

Wylan Energy provides our partners with access to funding that can be used to complement rebate programs and other marketing efforts related to the sale of energy efficient products. Our programs are designed to mirror mid-stream utility programs, so they are easy to implement for any provider of energy efficient products.

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Partners Make it Possible

Wylan Energy works with America's leading manufacturers, retailers, and distributors of energy efficient products. By deploying incentives through partners, we can impact efficient product sales for consumers, with the end result of more savings for all.

Join Us

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Consumers: please visit Energy Star or Energy Saver to learn how to save money on your energy bill through energy efficiency.


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Who We Are

Wylan Energy is an operating company of Modern Energy, an investment adviser backed by individuals and organizations that share our desire to encourage the adoption of energy efficient products. Modern Energy is a certified B-Corp and a member of Advanced Energy Economy.

Sterling Bowen, Director of Programs

Sterling is an Account Executive with 13 years experience in energy and sustainability with public and private sector enterprises. His current focus is running Wylan's incentive programs for energy efficient consumer products. He previously worked in solar distributed generation (EPC and O&M services) for 8 years.


Contact Us

Wylan Energy is always looking for opportunities to encourage more consumers to make environmentally friendly decisions.  If you are a large distributor, retailer or manufacturer looking to participate in customer incentive and rebate programs for energy efficiency, please contact us.


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